DRIFTWOOD RANCH, ARABIAN HORSES since the 60's and over the years have specialized in the mystic Black Arabians that are mythical and always sought after. We prefer the egyptian bloodlines that combine both the older Babson lines & the newer Egyptian imports. The lines we have stayed with breed true, have wonderful dispositions, are easily trained & destroy all the old myths when people generalize about the Arabian horse. These horses truly like people, they are tough, they are hardy and they are sound. We do believe in the genetic prepotency of Egyptian bred stock.Their breeding consistency has been proven for eons. On our Ranch, we like an athletic horse that is a good all round family horse, that is beautiful and handsome as well. Our horses are well adjusted for our Northern Alberta climates. They are used to seeing & hearing a variety of animals/birds that are either raised here or are part of the wild critters that abound on this Ranch. Therefore they are not easily bothered by unusual sights & sounds. Ideal beginnings for a future trail horse or endurance horse. They have a variety of terrain from dense bush, natural marshlands & bush pastures to provide a wonderful environment for young growing horses.

As well as the purebred Arabian we have always had the wonderful partbred Arabians in Pintos, Palominos and Buckskins. These carry the same Egyptian lines as the purebreds with the bonus of an out cross.

Following is our current information and sales list

Pictures will be added as they become available

Featured Horse - SOLD

Driftwoods Harmonee -0044226- (Driftwood Galahad x Driftwoods Charrida) Black Mare foaled Mar. 28/04 Marked with a star and snip and left hind stocking. The filly with the curly ears now is the young mare with the curly ears. Lovely natured mare that just loves people. Follows you everywhere. Stands 15.1 hh. Her sister Melody has done extremely well in endurance and this mare has the build and ability too. Halter trained, healthy and sound. 

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Purebred Arabians (Straight Egyptians)
All Purebred Arabians are DNA tested

Driftwoods Marjoram - 0044058 (Driftwood Zultann X Maisa El Karime)
Dark Bay/roan mare foaled May 18, 2003. Tall mare with excellent movement. Has had ground work and produced her first foal in 2008. Markings a star only, bloodlines to EH Gamil, Shamruk and *Ibn Hafiza. This straight Egyptian mare should be able to produce Black. 
MW Kalila - 0044068 (RDO Faserrs Fury X Sharmone DLI)
Black mare foaled May 17, 1999. Solid black mare, not a speck of white. Sired by Fury, well known horse in the Pacific Northwest. Bloodlines to Saud El Amoer, RG Al Mone, Alcibiades. Excellent mother, this exceptional moving mare is classic and she has a most wonderful disposition.

Exceptional moving mare, classey and did we say she is a character, well she is


Driftwood Caneila - 0044060 (Aseefa Moniet X EH Gamila)
Dark chestnut mare foaled Oct. 13, 2002. Carries a star & Partial right front coronet. Beautiful young mare, granddaughter of Rasmoniet RSI on topside and from the tall German bred line of EH Gamila on the dam's side. Caneila's dam stood 15.3hh and was from the German bred performance lines. Gamila herself was bred in Germany 
Driftwoods Silk Flag - 0044248 (Aseefa Moniet X EH Gamila)
Chestnut gelding foaled April 1, 2004. Full brother to Caneila. Markings on this flashy boy are a blaze and 3 stockings with flaxen mane. Tall free moving gelding 
that is very well muscled. Started in ground work and being saddled. This big boy should also do well in Endurance. 

Driftwood Chances Are - Pending (EH Gamil X EH Gamila)
Chestnut gelding foaled May 16, 2005 One half brother to Gelding and Mare above. Straight Egyptian of German lines. Liver chestnut with blaze and three white stockings. Chances was an orphen and was raised with an orphen Highland heifer. For a long time he thought he should be with cows, but fianally learned he was a horse. Chances has been ground worked and ridden to date. 

Driftwoods Shalon - 0044243 (Aseefa Moniet X BF Haffia)
Chestnut mare foaled April 16, 2004. Flaxen mane & tail with just a star and two front socks. This gorgeous, sweet tempered filly is a 1/2 sister to Driftwoods Shania doing well in endurance with Tara McCloud. Shalons bloodlines are to Rasmoniet RSI and Monet El Sharaf. A lovely filly with excellent conformation and movement 
Purebred Arabians of Egyptian Heritage

Driftwood Harmonee - 0044226 (Driftwood Galahad X Driftwoods Charrida)
Black filly foaled March 28, 2004. Carries a star snip and left hind stocking. The filly with the curly ears, her tipped in ears always gave her character. This Charrida daughter looks like she will be a tall girl and has a very kind disposition. Granddaughter of foundation stallions LDR Gladiator and Char Nigre


Driftwoods Winchime - 0044266 (Driftwood Galahad X Driftwoods Melantha)
Black mare foaled April 19, 2004. A star and right hind partial sock. Big tall beautiful natured filly. Winchime and her half sister Harmonee are always the first in the pasture to come running to greet me. These two have been like twins. Winchime is an awesome mare. 


Driftwoods Gift of Night - 0044670 (Ravenwood Qahtaf X Driftwoods Melantha
Foaled July 2, 2005. Exotic solid black filly, not a speck of white on her. Gorgeous filly, another winner from Melantha. Sire is straight Egyptian. For those that like no white, take a look at "Night" This is a two year old photo of Night, she is maturing into a nice young mare 
Haleia - 0042773 (Driftwood Windspirit X Haleisha)
Foaled May 27, 1997, this solid dark almost liver chestnut mare is a dandy. Bloodlines go back to some of our early foundations like Roneyka, Da Halim, El Bahja Halik and Fahim Hisan. Solid pretty mare stands 15hh . A 2007 photo of Haleia and her new black filly by Gladiator. Haleia has given us two black fillys to date. 
Driftwoods Black Gypsy - Pending (Ravenwood Qahsaf X Haleia)
Foaled July 1, 2005. Black filly with just a tiny star only. Two year old photo of Gypsy. She is a gorgeous filly. She did have a run in with a wire fence so is blemished on right hind leg, but looks like it will never bother her. This is a dandy filly too with that nice combination of the old and newer Egyptian bloodlines 
Driftwoods Lancelot - 0044603 (Aseefa Moniet X Driftwood Darkfires)
Foaled July 20, 2005. Handsome bay gelding. Should mature 15 hh. Wonderful disposition, would make an all round family horse or has the background for endurance. Easy to work with and ready to start anyway you want him. Lancelot was sent for training and has been doing very well indeed. Price 
Driftwoods Saruman (Pending) foaled June 23, 2006 (LDR Gladiator x Haleia) Purebred bay gelding with one white sock only. Nice natured colt that would make make a good 4H project. Most offspring of Gladiator are maturing fairly tall. 
Driftwoods Tatianna at Dusk Purebred Filly, foaled June 19/07. (LDR Gladiator x Haleia). Gorgeous black filly and not a speck of white on her. All I can say is I like her a lot. 
Driftwoods Tabora; -0045916- (LDR Gladiator x Moniet El Sultana) foaled May 21, 2007. Very tall gentle gelding with large star only.
Nice to work around, as are most of the colts, tie, pick up feet etc., High percentage Egyptian lines, with strong all black hooves.

Partbred Arabians and Ponies
All horses are registered with the Partbred Arabian Registry or The Pinto Horse Registry (Canada) unless otherwise stated

Driftwoods Parade - (Aseefa Moniet X DC Chinook Breeze)
94% Arab bloodlines in this fancy bay/white tobiano colt. An exceptional pedigree of mostly Egyptian lines in this handsome pinto boy. Should be tall and well balanced markings. From our smooth riding Chinook mare full sister to Dancing Breeze. Parade has a gorgeous half sister that would be a great match for pairs. 

Driftwoods Sable - 5A055655 (Aseefa Moniet X Driftwoods Whisper)
97% Arabian bloodlines in a chestnut gelding foaled May 18, 2004. Narrow strip on face only. What a sweet young horse he is. Very kind, easy to work with like his dam Whisper who is a daughter of DC Chinook Breeze. Sable has been well started in groundwork and saddle and did very well, just needs the finishing touch.

Driftwoods Tao (Partbred colt) Foaled June 23/07. (LDR Gladiator x DC Chonnok Breeze) Handsome bright bay boy with four white socks and star. Already gentled and curious about everything. Will be tall.... 

Driftwoods Frosted Flakes Partbred Pony filly Foaled May 21/07 (Assefa Moniet x Driftwoods Spots n Dots) Lovely solid dark chestnut filly with snowflakes on her rump. Quiet future childrens pony, should mature to 13 hh. 

Driftwoods Adonis - 1A04383 (Cowboy Express X Haleisha)
Foaled May 19, 2000, this fancy dappled palomino gelding with snow white mane and tail is a real looker. He was an orphan but look at him now (WOW). Carries a blaze & right fore & right hind stocking, left fore partial stocking. Lots of ground work, lots of early saddle training, this is an exceptionally athletic horse and started in reining. Easy to catch, work around. For the time being Adonis may need a more experienced rider. What he really needs is miles and to work.


Driftwoods Cranberry - 5A05459 (Aseefa Moniet X Driftwoods Whisper)
Foaled Feb 6, 2003. Bay white tobiano mare that is a look a like daughter of her mother Whisper who I am riding this year. 97% Arabian bloodlines. Cranberry is not a big horse, but she is solid and such a nice disposition. Will be a cinch to work with, she is so quiet like her mom

Driftwoods Bernadine - 1A04892 (Cowboy Express X EH Gamila)
Foaled April 22, 2001. Chestnut mare with just a star and a snip. Rich chestnut with lighter mane and tail, no white on feet. Stands 15.1hh and is a very striking mare, nice disposition. Has had some ground work to date. "Bernie" is the type of horse that wants to be wherever you are, she is a sweetheart. Prospects for her - endurance, reining or just a nice family horse. Bernie had extra training along with Adonis in 2008. 

Driftwoods Talena (Partbred filly) foaled June 2/07 (LDR Gladiator x Driftwoods Whisper) Dark Bay filly of over 94% Arab lines. Sweet filly that was so easy to work with.
Will make a nice family horse Love the nature of this sweet filly. 

Driftwoods Spots N Dots - P-F1-94 Reg with the Can. Pony of Americas Assoc. Foaled 1995. This 12hh totally spotted pony mare is an eye catcher. Well trained to ride, but for a more experienced rider. Excellent mother and back in foal to Driftwoods Windspirit for the magic combination that produced the next two. Spots has done trail, arena work and barrel racing. She is a compact well built little mare 

Driftwoods Not A Spot - 1A05783 (Driftwoods Windspirit X Spots N Dots)
Foaled 2002. So a solid black as her name implies. Not A Spot stands 12.3hh, is well muscled, always in your face. Easy to work with, has a fantastic trot on her. Has been ridden all last summer, goes anywhere, refuses nothing, jumps. Mild nature, a trustworthy pony with a future.

Driftwoods Fancypantz - 1A05755 (Driftwoods Windspirit X Spots N Dots)
Foaled May 2, 2003. Black filly with full rump blanket, solid legs no white. Some white in mane, what a fancy filly she is. Also in your face type of attitude. Fancy stands at 13 hh and was well started in ground work 2008, had done very well in some gymkanna events, as well as trail. She is doing very well in all her lessons. 


Nugget (Age 7) Beautiful golden buckskin with narrow blaze and three white socks. This 13.3hh gelding is gorgeous. Pretty head and compact QuarterHorse build in a perfect size small horse. Anyone can ride Nugget, easy to catch and work around. He is a blend of QH and Welsh/Arabian. As a first horse he would be a dandy

Driftwoods Somethen Special (Pending) (LDR Gladiator x DC Chinook Breeze) Foaled June 7/06 Bright Bay gelding of 94% Arab lines. Gentle boy that will indeed be tall, tiny star and 3 socks and one partial. Bold moving colt that loves attention. Yearling photo. This boy is special indeed and is a full brother to Tao, they are look-alikes and a year apart. 
Driftwoods Summers Breeze 4A-06011. (Driftwoods Galahad x DC Chinook Breeze) Foaled April 20, 2004. Shown in photo as a tall two year old, this exceptionally beautiful filly is a well marked bay tobiano. Extremely quiet and easy to be around. She would not only make a show horse but a wonderful family member. This line of horses are always known for their easy going natures and a smoothe ride. Summer has had ground work and been saddled, a lovely young mare. 

Pictures will be available as weather permits and summer is best for this

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